Scientific Knowledge Management with


Efficient Scientific Knowledge Management is the Key to Success in Science

The amount of scientific information increases exponentially and it directly changes the process of scientific discovery. Scientists need to analyse more and more scientific literature in order to generate competitive ideas. To solve this problem we are developing a scientific knowledge management program called Science Architect, which uses systems modelling technology to store scientific information. It increases the effectiveness of information management and scientific ideas generation.

Generate Better Scientific Ideas

Easily testable, breakthrough idea is the main objective for many scientists. Science Architect was designed for this goal. It allows to model systems of facts and improves goal-oriented thinking. Scientific systems engineer is forced to think how every fact relates to other facts and problems. Additionally, Science Architect improves the process of serendipity, where scientists discover unexpected connections between fields of science and make huge discoveries.

Group Facts in a Friendly Manner

Science Architect allows to group facts into hierarchical structure and associate them with a references and links. For example, scientist can create a custom category and fill it with facts. Also, facts can be classified into different types and be easily distinguished by the icon.

Shows how facts are stored in hierarchical structure which is a feature of knowledge management program

Show Relations Between Facts

Science architect allows to store information as a system of facts, where users can indicate how these facts relate to each other. This functionality opens new and powerful possibilities such as faster information analysis, information filtrationinformation merge and automatic knowledge construction.

Show how facts can be stored as a system, which is a feature of knowledge management program

Search for Facts in a New and Powerful Way

Because information is stored as a system of facts, Science Architect allows to decrease the amount of scientific information in a precise controllable manner. Therefore, scientists can read the information that is necessary to them at that moment and skip everything else. For more detail information see information filtration.

Show how fact is found, which is a feature of knowledge management program