I am happy to announce that we have released tutorial about core essence of Science Architect. In the scientific world, nothing is more important than making great discoveries. Unfortunately, In today’s ‘publish or perish’ culture, we have lost the joy of scientific discovery and no longer push the boundaries of what’s possible. To tackle this problem, we have created a Science Architect. It is a first of its kind software tool that utilizes systems modeling technology to provide an engaging way to analyze scientific literature and facilitate groundbreaking discoveries.

Science Architect:

  1. helps to think in a problem-solution oriented manner;
  2. visualizes and improves the thought process;
  3. helps to extract only necessary information and remove redundancies;
  4. opens new and powerful possibilities of information search;
  5. has the ability to automatically generate new scientific knowledge out of existing knowledge with unparalleled accuracy, as well as identify solutions to problems that have yet to be discovered.

Instructional videos: